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A complete Diabetes Management System – at your fingertips!

Dario is a personalized, pocket-sized all-in-one glucose meter that lets you monitor blood sugar levels wherever you are in seconds on our easy-to-use mobile application.


*Covered by most private insurances

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MyDario - Turn your smartphone into a Smart Glucose Monitor

Valid only for Canadian residents.
Covered by most private insurances

Finally! Dario is available in Canada:

Robbie Kidd

The {Dario} device has been perfect, I love it. I love that it’s small and discreet enough. I can now test my sugars within 20 seconds, all from the bottom of my iPhone and no one around is none the wiser… I also love that it’s “all in one”. I’ve been using it now for around 4 – 5 months. The app is great at logging and motivation with its % scoring system.
Robbie Kidd – Australia

Nicky Benton

The look of the Dario appealed straight away to me. Small and compact. Easy for me to carry with my phone which goes everywhere with me. Love the fantastic app on my phone. Clear, informative and easy to use. Love it! I can look back at previous readings to see any patterns. Sara and Assaf have been brilliant at helping out with any issues I have come across, which I thank them hugely for. The Dario Lounge is a great community for all users, who all share advice.
Nicky Benton – UK

  • All-in-one meter, lancets and test strips
  • Pocket sized, simple to use
  • Records your entire diabetes history
  • Enables information sharing with doctors, parents, etc
  • Offers actionable insights and alerts
  • Calculates insulin in addition to sugar and carbs
  • Get an estimated A1C

Finally! Dario is available in Canada:

You can get your Dario Smart Glucose Meter and your Dario test strips online here or at your local pharmacy.

All-in-One Smart Meter

A compact, personalized glucose meter, including lancet and disposable test strips, lets you test sugar levels in seconds on your smart phone. Connecting to your mobile device, the smart meter makes it easy to manage your health, automatically log results, and always stay connected with your caregiver – whether you’re at home or on the go.

Dario Featured on CTV News – Watch to learn More About The Difference that Dario Makes:

Easy-to-use mobile app

Dario connects to your smartphone or tablet via an easy-to-use mobile app that provides real-time and actionable information so you always know exactly where you stand and what to do next. Dario logs and tracks your sugar levels, and helps you know how your food and exercise are affecting your diabetes.

To get started download the Dario smart application here

For more information about Dario contact:

Auto Control Medical Inc.
6695 Millcreek, Unit 6
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 5R8
Phone: 1 800 4610991

Email: support@mydario.ca

Website: mydario.ca

You can get your Dario smart meter and your Dario test strips on line here or at your local pharmacy.

Welcome Kit includes:
– Dario Lancing Device With Blood Glucose Meter Built In
– 25 Sterile Lancets
– Instructions Of Use