Technology’s Prescription For Diabetic Management


In Ogden, Utah, David Winmill, a Certified Diabetes Educator and Nurse Practitioner, begins another fulfilling day teaching patients – and their families — how to use modern technology to manage diabetes, and relieve the stress associated with the constant worry about blood glucose levels and proper communication with practitioners. David has been a renowned Diabetes Educator for more than two decades. He blends a healthy dose of understanding and compassion, is always upbeat, and full of educational information for his patients and co-workers. Working with his patients at Intermountain Healthcare is always exciting for David, especially when he teaches patients wonderful new ways to help control their diabetes.

When asked, David will tell his patients that the technological impact of new insulin management technologies, like the Dario Smart Meter (, means testing positive for diabetes doesn’t have to be as scary or as stressful. There are solutions available today, enabling patients to live full, healthy lives, without as much stress on themselves or their families. “It never ceases to amaze me how my patients, and their families, are able to take a breath, and focus more on the management of their diabetes, rather than the diagnosis itself, once they learn about the advances in insulin pump technology and its integration with glucose monitoring technology.” Most patients, after learning about the options for diabetic management available to them, feel the pressure shifts from being given a dramatic change in life sentence to an “I can do this” mentality.

A great deal of David’s time is spent on patient education; therefore, he always gets excited when presenting new technology and diabetic management methods to his patients and co-workers. “It is so important for the technology to be easy for patients to use, and for it to provide an additional level of support, just like I do,” believes David. “When the tools for managing diabetes make both blood glucose monitoring and CGMS seamless for the patient, that relives so much stress. The methods of diabetic management are changing, and there are so many more options available to patients, and their families, than ever before.”

One of David’s favorite options to show patients is the Dario Smart Meter and App ( Together, they enable patients to have the knowledge, support, tools, and communication needed to truly manage diabetes in a compact, easy-to-use, and stress-free manner. Not only is the meter smaller than others on the market; it is easy to travel with in your pocket. The meter plugs into your smart phone; contains a small lance; measures blood glucose levels in less than 6 seconds; and creates, tracks and communicates a simple personalized smart log, all without the additional stress and worry normally associated with diabetic management. Not only can the App manage all of this, it can even track your meals and help with a food diary (right on your smartphone). This is a critical support option that helps users make excellent meal choices based on localized food menus and calculations. David’s patients love this because they can still travel and live life to the fullest, while managing their diabetes and communicating regularly with both medical personnel and family right thought the Dario App.

While a great deal of this is about patient education, there is also the component of stress relief this brings to the table. David reminds patients on a daily basis that, “just as diabetes is not the same for everyone, diabetes management and toolkits should not be the same for everyone.” The Dario products offer customized solutions for patients, not a “one size fits all” diabetes management solution.

The diabetic effects on each patient are different. While David is very aware of this, there are, in his experience, basic characteristics all diabetics that are successful at managing their disease have in common: motivation and ownership of the challenge that is diabetes. The patients that thrive the most with diabetes are the ones that are able to create and manage an ongoing assessment of the information relevant to their individual care programs. Utilizing a customized toolkit, like the Dario App, enables more diabetics to understand how the disease is affecting them. It shows the patient how to manage his/her treatment, makes suggestions for change based on patterns and trends, and can communicate directly with caregivers and family. For David, all of this is a very important aspect of what he does. For David’s diabetic patient, it is a life-changing option to thrive, and live life to the fullest, even with a diabetic diagnosis.

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